Avidordrone: a reactive company on a human scale

Our team is ready to help you optimize the management of your vineyard. Thanks to our latest generation hyperspectral camera mounted on a drone, we can provide you with maps that will help you maximize the potential of your operation.

You want to manage the grape harvests according to identified areas, to better manage your work in green, to grind your vines or to optimize the doses of inputs to be applied, choose our mappings of vigor.

You want to know more about the water needs of your vines, choose our maps of water stress to control your irrigation.

Finally, we will also soon be able to detect the Golden Flavescence and Esca and thus provide you with a mapping of the infected feet.  


Our high added value? The reactivity: we come to realize the shots of your plots and we provide you the maps of your choice within 48 hours! We then remain at your disposal to discuss the results and the measures to be taken in your vineyard.

We are at the forefront of technology in image analysis and we are constantly evolving to remain so.

We are at your disposal and responsive to all your requests.

We share the same passion you have for viticulture.


Maps at the service of your vineyard: apprehend the vigor of your vines to manage your grape harvest, work in green or input. Control the irrigation of your vines with our water stress maps.

Quantify the number of feet infected by the Golden Flavescence or Esca in your vineyard


A multispectral camera that has 4 programmable bands of 10 nm to target diseases.

This camera is calibrated and makes it possible to avoid the external conditions: the shots can be realized any time without this having an impact. They can therefore be compared without any problems!


Richard Van Der Put

Richard has 9 years of experience in Scientific Research, mainly in the development of image analysis algorithms for applications ranging from robotics to cancer treatment. He has strong skills in image analysis, signal processing and algorithm development.

He now uses all this knowledge for the analysis of vine images taken by a drone. Its SkySquirrel company has secured $ 2 million in funding for Research and Development.

Richard holds a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Technology of Eindhoven.


Chris Mac Donald  

After obtaining his MBA, Chris was a self-employed consultant for major companies in the US and Canada, including the aerospace industry and Napa Valley wine estates. Prior to this, he designed and field-tested harvesters on farms in North America, Australia and Europe.  

Chris holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Tippie Business School and also holds the equivalent of a Master of Engineering in Agriculture and Biosystems from the State University of Iowa



Our staff

Jean-Luc Ducret


Présentation Jean-Luc Ducret, President of Avidordrone, has been working for 30 years in the world of precision viticulture. The leading products, the weedseeker and the greenseeker, are marketed by Avidor HighTech. Today, he strongly believes in the potential of the drone in viticulture.       A man of the … Read More



Présentation Zacarie Kerrim is an AgroTIC engineer, passionate about new technologies and viticulture. He is ready to listen to your projects and identify the services that will help you to optimize the management of your vineyard.   Zacarie is also an expert in cartography and has solid knowledge in computer … Read More