What is NDVI?

The NDVI is an index of vegetation very robustly correlated with the vigor of the vine. It measures the photosynthetic activity of your vines.  

What is IVA?

The IVA: Enhanced Vegetation Index is the index calculated by Avidordrone. It is calculated in much the same way as the NDVI, except that the weather conditions, the brightness are corrected thanks to a light sensor installed on the drone. In addition, shadow effects are also corrected.

This index is therefore calibrated: it is possible to compare the absolute values of IVA taken at different dates. This makes it possible to carry out MONITORING and adjust its methods from year to year.  

What material?

Thanks to our new multispectral camera, we can reach the resolution of 1 centimeter, which makes it possible to exclude inter rank. This camera is embarked on a drone specially designed to fly over vineyard plots.  

Why IVA maps?

These maps will allow you to visualize the strength of the plots of your choice. There are many applications to help you optimize the management of your vineyard:  

  • Determination of homogeneous grape quality zones for selective harvesting
  • Green work management
  • Size and trim management
  • Support for sampling
  • Management of weed control
  • Comparison of plots